The local governing body for Paralympic sport in Jamaica and the home for our Paralympians who have a rich and enviable history of ground-breaking performances and world records at international championships.

This is the Paralympic dream and as you comb our website you will experience the indomitable spirit of man, the triumph of his will and the renaissance of his soul.

The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) was established in 2008  and is the successor of the Jamaica Paraplegic Association which was formed by the late Sir John Golding in 1966. The JPA is the approved national body for sports, for persons who are physically challenged and visually impaired, by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) which is the global governing body for para sport.

The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) is a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the international body responsible for Paralympic sport which is based in Germany

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The JPA is able to give opportunities for, and greater meaning to, the lives of disabled persons as a result of the generosity of private individuals, companies and corporations for which we are grateful.

We invite you to be a part of this philanthropy by giving a donation. The amount is not material; it is the heart and soul behind the offering that continue to give us hope, courage and conviction.1


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