The Education helping para-athletes to achieve and grow

Para sports locally is expanding with the aim of achieving a level of competitiveness regionally and internationally, not only in track and field, but across the spectrum of sports.

President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) Christopher Samuda is clear as to the objective of the governing body for para sports.

“Para sports must become a pathway for personal growth and development in many sporting arenas and a gateway to aspiring youth who will self-actualise on fields of play and yes, in the boardroom of decision and policymaking”

August 2022

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Jamaica Para-sport team Training in Birmingham before Commonwealth Games

The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) has sent a delegation of athletes and coaches to Birmingham, where they are to take part in a training camp prior to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the city.

JPA sport manager Neville Sinclair and Sandra Reittie, the Jamaican international umpire in table tennis and head of the delegation have travelled to the United Kingdom.

The country’s athletes are due to train alongside others from Commonwealth nations.

“The training camp will certainly allow our athletes to acclimatise for the big day and will expose them to competition that we expect they will meet in the summer,” said Reittie.

April 24, 2022 

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Para athletes, coaches in Birmingham for training camp

A delegation of athletes and coaches of the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) left the island recently for Birmingham, England, where members have been participating in a training camp in connection with the staging of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games between July 28 and August 8.

Neville Sinclair, JPA’s sport manager, and Sandra Reittie, Jamaica’s international umpire in table tennis, head the delegation, the athletes who will participate in various training exercises along with others from Commonwealth nations. Sinclair said, “the training camp will certainly allow our athletes to acclimatise for the big day and will expose them to competition that we expect they will meet in the summer.

April 23, 2022

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Digicel Foundation invests $10m in Paralympic basketball court

Members of the Digicel Foundation and Jamaica Paralympic Association celebrate a job well done after gathering to finish the basketball court and paint the viewing stands at Sir John Golding Rehabilitation on March 11 – Jamaica’s first national Paralympic Day. (PHOO

March 23, 2022

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The Governor-General of Jamaica Salutes the Paralympic Movement On FaceBook

His Excellency The Governor-General, in recognition of the significant impact of the Paralympic Movement and the outstanding contributions of the members of the Paralympic community, has declared the 11th day of March to be celebrated annually as Paralympic Day.

Since its genesis in 1966, the Jamaica Paraplegic Association, now the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA), has grown significantly and is now an approved national body of sport by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Jamaica continues to boast unparalleled athleticism on the world stage, because of the performances of our outstanding Paralympians, among them, Alphanso Cunningham, OD, Shane Hudson, Sylvia Grant, OD, Tanto Campbell, OD, Tevaughn Thomas and Shaunakay Hines.

March 11, 2022

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Paralympians hail first-ever Paralympic Day

The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) and the Paralympic movement in Jamaica will today celebrate ‘Paralympic Day’, declared in a proclamation issued by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

Jamaica’s Paralympians and Para athletes have hailed the move and are speaking out proudly on what will now be an annual milestone event.

Neville Sinclair, OD, a very accomplished Paralympian whose feats as an athlete and now as the JPA’s first sport manager continues to motivate many, said: “It’s really a great feeling, for this historic day will always be remembered by past and present athletes. I’ve been to at least 10 Paralympic games, equally as an athlete and coach, and this day brings greater joy and pride, and at the same time humility, as I look forward to celebrating it as an acknowledgement of our contribution to sports, sport development, and our society and a legacy that will live on forever. Amen.”

March 11,2022

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