Our team to the 12th Parapan American Games, which is being hosted by the people of the city of Guadalajara, second only to the capital Mexico City as a local commercial and cultural mecca, commenced training on Wednesday at the warm-up track adjacent to the Telmex stadium under the watchful eyes of coaches Neville Sinclair and Jefferson Davis.

A “doctor’s visit” to the gymnasium early that morning by the team before training, was far from being a “check up” but simply prescriptive of the success that,it is hoped, will be achieved.

Thereafter it was off to training which went according to programme. Paralympian, Tanto Campbell, showed good form and came under foreign surveillance as he went through his F54-56 discus routine while teammate Alphanso Campbell, no stranger to the top of the podium at international games, demonstrated why he is a serious contender for the gold in the discus F51-53

The mood of the camp is lively but the objective of the mission has not for one moment escaped the team which remains focused. The camaraderie is inspiring and, for the less experienced athletes at international games, is providing a framework for action and achievement.

Training will continue each day, with adjustments in time and frequency, as competition approaches.

With a seating capacity of 8548 and at an altitude of 1556 meters above sea level, our athletes remain resolute that their footprints will be distinctive on the track and field of the Telmex stadium when the dust settles in mexican metropolis of Guadalajara.