Thelma Hohill –Director

A consummate professional, Thelma is a volunteer at heart and serves from the soul and selflessly in capacities that span both the private and public sectors which have benefited from her commitment and expertise.

Her record of volunteerism and public service include directorships on the boards of Milk River Hotel and Spa and the Creative Production and Training Centre Limited; governorship of the Media Technology Institute, and commissionership of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and  the National Commission on Reparations; and chairmanship of Forecourt High School.

An accomplished  business woman, she is the Chief Executive Officer of Genret Farms and provides practical entrepreneurial advice and consulting services  to a cross-section of business  persons and outfits utilising strong communication,  interpersonal and negotiation  skills for which she is known.

In marketing, Thelma’s credentials are well respected and one of her signal achievements was the successful rebranding and repositioning of the LPG product line of the  Petroleum Company of Jamaica  (PCJ).

As a strong policy maker, she undoubtedly brings to the Paralympic table a wealth of knowledge and  experience in strategic planning and execution, governance and management  and in conversations thereat she provides insight, with a keen eye, into the infrastructure necessary for the growth and development of sport.

Thelma Johill, a Paralympic spirit and Game Changer.