THE JAMAICA Paralympic Association (JPA), in celebrating Paralympic Day on Saturday, will inaugurate an initiative called ‘Paralympic Connect’, a town-hall-styled vibe session that will see personalities in sport, entertainment, and civic life connecting in conversations with sport stakeholders on various topics.

This Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. at the offices of the Jamaica Olympic Association, Wayne Mitchell and Tami Mitchell, known individually in the entertainment world as Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn, and both as ‘The Mitchells’ in the popular television programme ‘Meet The Mitchells’, will have a motivational session with Paralympians and para athletes on life’s values, interests, and inspiring stories.

The Mitchells are respected household names in entertainment and will engage a sport community where they are well known.

President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA), Christopher Samuda, in commenting on the initiative, said: “Wayne and Tami will definitely connect with our athletes and stakeholders in this forum which affords direct engagement on inspiring subjects on life in and out of sport as we, at the JPA, play our part in changing attitudes, building aptitudes, and transforming lives.”

Paralympic Connect will become a staple in the Paralympic calendar and diet and an event that the JPA will host periodically.

“It will be an organic device in our toolkit and Paralympic experience, and it underscores the very fact that in life, connectivity and connectedness constitute the first step to mutual understanding, which creates trust that gives birth to unity. This is the Paralympic dream of an inspired reality,” said Samuda.

Other initiatives, which the JPA will be launching and continually rolling out annually in promoting the principles and values of Paralympism, will be ‘Paralympic Care’, a philanthropic activation, and ‘Paralympic Inspire’, a human interest narration.

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