The inaugural meeting of the Jamaica Paralympic Foundation (JRF) took place on Sunday January 24, 2016 at the offices of the Kingston Law Firm, Samuda & Johnson.

Historic!” Is how Suzanne Harris-Henry, the Secretary General, described the occasion and if the Paralympian sense of history is what we know it is, the occasion can easily be further described as “inspiring” and transformational”.

The vision of the Directors is clear. The mandate they have given themselves is aggressive and noble in all respects. The strategy will be primarily national but the outlook will be regional and global.

The Foundation Team consists of Winston Bayley, Chris Dehring, Josef Forstmayr, Carole Guntley, Suzanne Harris-Henry, Muna Issa, Edmund JonesWayne Kirkpatrick, Ian McNaughton, Carmen Patterson and Christopher Samuda. SOLID!! SOLID AS A ROCK!!

The date for the launch of the Foundation will be announced soon and already the team is planning its first event – the inaugural Paralympic Order – a Medal of Honour which will be bestowed on the recipient(s) in recognition of sterling, influential and impacting contributions to the national and international Paralympic movements.

The Foundation is set to break new ground,establish new frontiers and to galvanise public support and awareness of Paralympism and the glorious feats of Jamaica’s Paralympians.

“Jamaica’s Paralympians….the world’s beat!”