In the wee hours of the morning of August 31, Team Jamaica landed in the samba city of Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympic Games on Flight AA 904

Somewhat of a long journey, which started in Kingston and then went onto Miami before the final destination, ended ‎in welcomed smiles of relief but thoughts of excitement for what is now before them.

Team Leader for the trek and Medical Doctor, Lincoln Cox, ‎was characteristically sedate and also confident that team unity,which manifested itself on the trip, will provide an impetus for athletes to give more than their best.

Alphanso “The Ambbassador” Cunningham, a seasoned and very successful campaigner, provided, on their landing, assurance to Shane and Dana, his fellow athletes, that Rio will be what they want it to be. With that said, the coolness of the morning distilled a quiet confidence that the future will loom bright with the eventual sunlight.‎

The international airport was busy even at pre-dawn and the Paralympic. Buzz was evident. Volunteers were on hand to facilitate teams’ arrival and departure from the airport ‎and our Chef de Mission, Javon Campbell,and Sport Administrator, Ann Marie Smith, were naturally on spot to welcome the team.

Thankfully all bags and the throwing chairs arrived safely; and after some logistic ‎briefings and “pack the bags in”  military like executions, the team was off to the Paralympic Village – their temporary place of residence for the Games.