The Men’s T46/47 400m at this year’s Rio Olympic Games will for the first time have a  black, green and gold flag bearer in the person of Shane Hudson.

He is tracking Rio and is in training at the revered track and field club, the Racer’s Track Club, the home of the international athletic star and the world’s fastest man the Honourable Usain Bolt.

The hopes and aspirations of the 2014 Toronto Para Panamerican and 2015 Doha silver medalist are well placed and he is working hard to go one better but will face aggressive competition from the Americans and Brazilians. He is, however, not daunted as he is accustomed the  big stage and competition.

Already for this season he has gone below the 50 barrier comfortably and is measuring himself. A 48 flat or low clocking  may land him the gold but the top of the podium will be secured if Shane dips below 48 seconds. If he does that, the strains of the national anthem will reverberate around the Joaó Havelarnge Stadium

Shane tracking Rio…… the 400m!