Jamaica’s Paralympians are in gear and rhythm for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games  described widely as “the biggest paralympic sporting event on the planet” and which will take place between September 7 to 18 in the pulsating samba mecca of the world.

Sport Manager, Neville Sinclair, continues to script athletes in the importance of not only physical bu,t equally important, psychological conditioning.

In track and field, Alphanso “The Ambassador” Cunningham, multiple gold medallist,  and Shane Cunningham, our 400m specialist, are no strangers to the international stage and podium and are leading the battalion of talent which is in training. There is hope that Jamaica may have a presence in powerlifting and swimming and if this materialises it will be indeed historic at the Games.

The team’s preparation has not been without challenges, particularly financial, but our athletes, with the support of the JPA, continue to “soldier on” out of pride for country and at personal sacrifice.

Training schedules have been established and the reggae charges are taking Rio seriously amidst the fun and camaraderie of competition.