Briefings are continually taking place at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre as we look towards Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for the Paralympic Games in September.

Elite athletes, versed in games protocols and experienced in international competition, rub shoulders with young and new athletes while sharing knowledge.

Coach Neville Sinclair is keeping a close eye on matters and is keen to point out to the charges that discipline, hard work and performance must be the order of the day for selection on the Rio team.

Although training will officially start on January 18, conditioning started from late last year and so fas so good.

Chef de Mission for the Rio Games is Javon Campbell and he will organise everyone for the “samba carnival” of athleticism.

Formal briefings are being held at least once a month but, as is expected, there are  informal pep talks before, during and after training sessions just to ensure that everyone is walking the same road with their eyes fixed on the prize.