The heat in Lyon while not unbearable to a team accustomed to tropical temperatures, nevertheless made Tuesday a welcomed rest day for Team Jamaica.

It was an opportunity to cool out, reflect, take stock and regroup with greater purpose. Breakfast was yet again social with a menu of impressions of Lyon – a new environment for all which becomes historical with the passage of each day.

The cuisine here has been met with expressions “”Bwoy, mi love mi Jamaican food” but more in a nostalgic sense rather in a derogatory manner for the plates, after each repast, are often pristine clean as when they first came out of the kitchen to the buffet line to which second and third visits are not uncommon.

Teasing, an integral part of the tradition of Jamaican camaraderie, is evident and laughter, more often created by His Excellency Alphanso “The Ambassador” Cunningham, has more to do with team unity than self-praise.

Site seeing remains an exercise in cost cutting by the Chef de Mission, Suzanne Harris-Henry, whose joie de vivre sometimes gains expression much to the satisfaction of athletes, particularly Romadeo, and team officials all yearning for adventure.

But the Chef de Mission and Coach Neville Sinclair have decreed restraint until after competition as the focus and purpose are clear: performance first, party second.

The internet is the best friend of Shane Hudson and Isaiah Simms and remains a practical connection to a world of information and personal interests. The Blackberries and I-Phones continue to be nestled quite frequently between the tips of fingers and in the palms of hands in re-connecting with family and obtaining home news.

And amidst all the bustling activity Tanto “The Emperor” Campbell meditates and keeps somewhat of a sober profile as team captain although at times he’s given to provoking laughter.

Sylvia Grant is generally at these events a shopping connoisseur and has on her list two medals and in respect of one she has already made a significant investment and down payment.

Ricardo continues to do a splendid job as the massage therapist with inspired expertise and Mark is establishing influential contacts and negotiating deals in the interest of the development of the local Paralympic movement.

Tomorrow Wednesday or today when this is read in Jamrock is back to business with Sylvia in the women’s F57/58 Javelin competition and thereafter there will be no rest until the curtains come down reflectively in Lyon.