President Christopher Samuda and Treasurer Courtney Lodge leave the island shortly for the International Paralympic Committee’s Athletics Sport Meeting in Frankfort , Germany from December 6 to 7.

Samuda and Lodge will join several representatives from national paralympic committees around the world to discuss and debate recommendations made by delegates regarding competition rules and policies. Of interest to Jamaica is the existing rules which institute a quota system that limits the overall number of athletes a country can have at international championships based on a formula and which do not provide for a motion assessment of athletes in classification exercises.

President Samuda stated “We have made clear recommendations that the current position has to be changed to encourage greater participation and excellence in performance. What currently obtains disqualifies potential medalists based on a national team quota which goes against the grain of the paralympic spirit of overcoming limitations, disabilities and barriers.”

Prior to the London Paralympic Games, we raised these issues and engaged IPC officials in London in discussions regarding reform. “Our efforts to effect change continues in Frankfort and we are focused in achieving what we think is fair and reasonable” says Secretary General Suzanne Harris-Henry.

Our athletes are now preparing for the IPC Athletics World Championships which will be held in Lyon, France between July 15 and 30 and plans are apace to have a strong presence and medal showing.