Rowing to Rio and Beyond

The Jamaica Paralympic Association is adhering to its Strategic Plan which calls for greater athletic representation in increasing disciplines.

Jamaica’s Paralympians are sharpening their skills in rowing with a view to making a bid to qualify for the Rio Paralympic Games.

It’s all about guts, courage and a “never say never” attitude and way of doing things which our Paralympins know too well.

“Rowing to Rio and Beyond” are their watchwords and mantra and they may very well meet the horizon as their flare and natural ability for rowing are evident.

“We are serious in making our mark and eventually establishing an admirable legacy on the high seas” remarked Christopher Samuda, President of the JPA.

Paralympains  Josan Sutherland, Bryan Ingram, Gregory Stewart, Gimel Spreddie, Kenneth Dennis and Jason Ricketts are on the pages of history and only time will tell whether they will be recorded among the greats in the local and international Paralympic movements.