Paralympians Go For Qualification


Come May 23, our Paralympians will be participating in the All Comers Meet at the National Stadium in Kingston in their bid to do the qualifying times and distances for the Para Pan American Games to be held this August in Toronto, Canada.

Leading the charge will be Triple Olympic Gold Medallist in the Javelin and Discus, Alphanso Cunningham, Bronze Olympic and multi-medallist Tanto Campbell, Para Pan American and Athletics  World Medallist Sylvia Cunningham and Para Pan American Silver Medallist Shane Hudson.

The Association is hoping for multiple qualifications across disciplines and is encouraged by new talent which has come into the fold. President Samuda says “We (the JPA) are building the next generation of Parlaympic achievers who will learn at the feet of established athletes such as Alphanso, Tanto and Sylvia who are still valuable as gold but will some day rest on their laurels”.


The National Stadium will this week be the ground of hope and international aspiration for many Paralympians who look towards Rio and Tokyo.

The All Comers Meets are organized by the Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association (JAAA) and are established meets attracting Junior and Senior Athletes, Paralympians and Olympians and have been on the calendar of athletics for over ten years.