PARA PAN AM 2015 – “Toronto … We Ready!”

“Toronto …… We Ready!”

Team Jamaica is in the final stages of its preparation for the Para Pan American Games scheduled for August 7 – 15 in Toronto, Canada.

The mood in the camp is positive and the athletes remain focused on the job at hand. The nation’s expectations rest on their shoulders and if the past is the judge of what us to come then the cabinet should have additional medals to mark our country’s continued Paralympic glory.

Chef de Mission, Director Randy Jones, and Attache, Director Edmund Jones, will be out of the blocks first as they depart on August 2 and will make sure that everything is in order for the team of officials and athletes which arrive on August 3.

“Toronto, We Ready” is our call to action and to a coveted place in the annals of the history of the Para Pan American Games.

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