Some of Our Athletes at a Glance

Our athletes have a very enviable tradition at international championships garnering over the years several gold, silver and bronze medals and in  the process establishing world and regional records. The strains of the national anthem have been heard in many countries as our athletes have stood with pride and in glory on receiving gold medals for exceptional performances. The JPA considers its mandate not only to encourage excellence in competing and performing but also to engender in our athletes and officials alike a spirit of fair play, justice and equity that promotes character and nation building.

BAILEY , KenroyJavelin, Shot Put and Table Tennis
BANTON, MarcusSwimming and Fencing
BASCOE, David ‎200m and 400m
BROWN, Jason100m and 200m
CAMPBELL, Chadwick100m and 200m
CUNNINGHAM, AlphansoShot Put, Javelin and Wheelchair Racing
GRANT, KennettFencing
GRIFFITHS, NavardoShot Put
HUDSON, Shane200m and 400m
RICKETTS, JasonShot Put
RUSSELL , ChistopherDiscus and Shot Put
SMIKLE, TravisBadminton
STEWART, Gregory100m and 200m and Rowing
SUBBA, TheodorJudo and Javelin
TAVARES, TyandreClub
THOMAS, Tevaughn100m and 200m
WILLIAMS, RhomadeoTaekwondo
BAILEY, TasheannaShot Put, Discuss and Javelin
CAMPBELL, SantanaShot Put and Javelin
GRANT, SylviaShot Put and Javelin
SAMUELS , ShaniqueShot Put and Javelin
WILSON, Somer100m and 200m
HINES, Shauna-Kay Taekwondo

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