Michael Blair

The sport administrator’s Sport Administrator, Michael has journeyed well as a specialist and strategist with football, hockey, gymnastics and now, in the multi-disciplinary arena, he is on a mission for all para sports.

His credentials and deliverables in sport and business tell a story of competence, experience and pragmatism and enables value added services which increase the stocks, capital and goodwill of organisations.

A Manager at the highly reputable  Sangster’s Book Stores Limited (Jamaica), he complements his  textbook knowledge of sport administration with an innovative “hands on” and “results  driven” approach which has yielded and continues to yield success for many stakeholders.

Whether crunching numbers as a sport statistician in evaluating  teams’ performance, designing databases to enhance the efficiencies of national sport federations, planning as manager of various delegations to tournaments overseas or visioning as a member of the Board of his alma mater, Mona High School, he always has his fingers on the pulse of education, activation,  change management and sustainable   development.

As impressive as his resume in sport is, it is secondary to his DNA commitment to playing the game right and, ultimately, to transforming the game itself.

Michael, a Paralympic spirit and a Game Changer.