Kurt Schmick

Kurt Schmick is Jamaica’s national coach for the sport of fencing and has responsibility for both the  Paralympic and Olympic movements.

He has several years of Foil Fencing from Carleton University in Ottawa in Canada, where he studied, and at Excalibur fencing club where he trained with foilists under national head coach Manuel Guittet and Paul Apsimon.

A dedicated and competent coach, Kurt has been selected for several courses notably the Continental course for Foil Fencing, hosted by the Panamericana Sport Organisation (PASO) / Organización Deportiva Panamericana (ODEPA) in Guatemala in 2019 which  was attended by other PanAmerican professionals from Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Jamaica, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Cuba, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Panama.

He now devotes his time and expertise in honing young talent for a berth on the biggest stages and in global sports.