JPA Inspires With Strategic Eduposia










The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA), in partnership with the International Paralympic Committee’s Agitos Foundation, will, be hosting four seminars which President Christopher Samuda has styled Strategic Eduposia.

The JPA will be hosting the Eduposia in its run up to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. The editions will focus on Strategic Planning, Partnerships and Investment, Athlete Welfare and Development, Corporate Governance, Branding and Marketing.  particularly for sport associations, agencies and clubs and corporate entities engaged in sponsoring athletes and sport events.

President Samuda, says that the Eduposia are “timely and will address the core factors in strategic management of sport outfits, strategic partnerships within the sport industry, commercial and sponsorship deals and building the right athlete, manager and coach team”

Samuda, a strong proponent of sport education, maintains that ” Jamaica must lead in creating models of sport development that not only produce the prototype athlete, coach, manager and association but which forges a culture of simply doing business the right way”

The Eduposia have attracted presenters who are well recognised sport practitioners and personalities such as Carole Beckford, noted Publicist and Sport Educator and Journalist, Dave Cameron, President of the WICB and Investment Executive, Patrick Anderson, Sport Executive and Anchor, Hubert Lawrence, Sport Analyst and Historian and Suzanne Harris-Henry, Physiotherapist and Secretary General of the JPA.

Other presenters have been drawn from critical sectors and are well known for managing successful companies. Paul Shoucair, General Manager of Jamaica Beverages, Courtney Lodge, General Manager Micro Finance at the Development Bank of Jamaica and Adrian Thompson, CEO of the Credit Union Fund Management Company Limited will bring to the dialogue tremendous expertise and experience which Suzanne Harris-Henry describes will be “transformationl and imperative if sport associations, clubs and entities are to truly fulfill their developmental goals and become or remain sound”

The JPA is leading the charge to educate stakeholders as to the fundamentals of the business of sport and the imperative of building the model athlete who understands value, is able to actualize it professionally and also commercially without compromising principle and who acknowledges the responsibility of inspiring generations and a nation with talent.