The Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) officially launched its ‘I’m Phenomenal’ campaign on Friday (March 10), during a ceremony at King’s House.

The occasion was also used to formally present the Proclamation, declaring March 11 as Paralympic Day, to the organisation.

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, who declared the Day’s annual observance last year, presented the Proclamation to JPA President, Christopher Samuda, during the ceremony.

The campaign and observance are intended to provide a critical platform for the continued advocacy of the rights of members of the disabled community, and the education of civil society of such and its responsibility to advance this cause.

The Governor-General, who encouraged Jamaicans to support the campaign, commended the JPA for embarking on the initiative.

He had high praises for the athletes who continue to represent Jamaica in the international sporting arena.

“They are courageous and relentless in their efforts to do well, to self-actualise and to demonstrate the strength of the Jamaican people… globally,” the Governor-General said.

Mr. Samuda advised that, to mark this year’s Paralympic Games, the Association will introduce several initiatives under the campaign, aimed at celebrating the talents and contributions of Jamaica’s para-athletes to the rich national sporting heritage.

These are Paralympic Connect, Paralympic Inspire, and Paralympic Care, which will become permanent trademarks of the movement and will be featured in annual activities.

“What we are going to be doing is lifting the principles and values of the declaration and executing them in the society. Under the declaration, we are going to be initiating [these] activities, [which] are going to be humanitarian. They are going to increase the profile of the Paralympic movement in Jamaica and also regionally, and establish us as an advocate for [the Paralympics movement] on the world stage,” Mr. Samuda outlined.

The initiatives are intended to facilitate dialogue involving Paralympians, sport stakeholders and other public figures, to highlight the experiences and challenges of these exceptional athletes, and celebrate their resilience and determination.