Fitz Coleman

 Fitz Coleman resides in the hallowed category of coaching greats in track and field in Jamaica.

With a distinguished professional career of over thirty-five years during which time he was  schooled at the University of Johannes Gutenberg, Germany,andChurch Teachers’ College, Jamaica, and attained the IAAF Level V (Puerto Rico) certification,  thehighestlevelincatchingeducationintrackand field, Fitz has nurtured and actualized so many of  Jamaica’s top athletes.

He has served  in the capacity of Technical Director and Head Coach of the High Performance Training Center in Kingston,Jamaica, an International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) recognized body with responsibility for training Jamaican  athletes and also for national athletic teams to international games. An indefatigable educator, he continues to be an expert adviser and a noted speaker on the sport  in the Caribbean and Europe and has to his credit  an online manuscript on ‘Jamaicaathletics – “A perspective on Jamaica’s Olympic Achievements from 1948-2008” (

For his work in track and field, Fitz has been the recipient of several accolades and awards which include the Jamaica Sports Foundation, Jamaica Gleaner Person of the Year award in 2006 for recognition of outstanding contribution to sports in Jamaica and the  Inter- Secondary School Sports Association (ISAA) Award for his contribution to the Boys and Girls Athletics Championships in 2009.

CoachingparaathleteshasgivenFitzasomewhatnew but notanunfamiliardimensiontohiscoachinglifeasheisaconsummate Educator on and off the fieldofplay whichallowshim to inspire any talent to do the best. Guided by principle and values and driven by his personal creed of excellence, Fitz pursues the Paralympic and Olympic dream as a coach, mentor, motivator and an achiever.

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