Dave Myrie – 1st Vice-President

Dave is the First Vice-President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association, is the 1st Vice-Chairman of the Jamaica Paralympic Foundation and a director of the celebrated Racers’ Track & Field Athletic Club.

Dave is the General Manager of Tastee Limited, a private comapny known widely for its delectable patties which have been sampled by the world community.

Prior to his engagement at Tastee Limited, Dave was an Executive within the Grace Kennedy Investment division and served as principal of Wolmer’s Boy’s School for 7 years. His work experience includes 13 years in England within the educational sector in the following positions:

– Regional Resource Officer

– Senior Educational Welfare Officer

– Schools Improvement Officer

– Education Officer

– Head of Special Educational Needs Department in 3 London Boroughs.

Dave holds a diploma in Education, a Post Graduate Diploma, and a Master of Arts Degree (Management).

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