With the Jamaica Paralympic Association being founded in 2008, our paralympic athletes have captured the attention of local and international interests as they consistently perform over the years winning more than 70  medals, a mixture of gold, silver, and bronze and setting world records in the process. The JPA website attracts visitors from a wide global spectrum and caters to readers with an appetite in general, for sports and, in particular para-sports.

Advertising Spaces Available

We provide a range of advertising options on our website in the form of multi-sized banner ads. Our ad sizes range from 125 x 125 pixels and 600 x 600 pixels. Our ad spaces support regular image files, flash, as well as video. Below are examples of available ad spaces.

The 800 x 450px Spot – This spot is in the form of an overlay ad and supports all media types. This is our premier advertising spot.

The 125 x 125px Sidebar Spot – This ad spot is placed on the website’s sidebar.

Please contact us for advertising prices.

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