Jamaica Paralympic Foundation



Christopher Samuda
A  full heart of a volunteer, the spirit of an altruist and the ‎soul of a  humanitarian impel Christopher to continue serving the Paralympic movement where he offers his legal competences and corporate governance skills in creating an enabling environment for a community which he inspires to use its abilities to overcome disabilities.‎

‎Christopher, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎


Suzanne Haris-Henry

A volunteer extraordinaire, ‎an exemplar of goodwill towards men and an effortless professional whose work with the disabled is already legendary, Suzanne dedicates her countless abilities to enabling lives to metamorphose and actualise while displaying a deep understanding of human character and emotion.

Suzanne, an inspired Paralympic  Advocate and ‎Leader.

‎Chris Dehring

A respected  Caribbean businessman and sport entrepreneur, Chris brings to the Paralympic movement a wealth of experience and technical competences  in sport having been a distinguished footballer and athlete in his competitive days and later a renowned regional sport administrator particularly for the game of cricket.

Chris, an inspired  Paralympic Advocate and ‎Leader.


Muna Issa

A revered hotelier with demonstrative business acumen and a philanthropist whose generosity is boundless, Muna shares thoughtfully with the Paralympic movement a deep love for humanity and a will to see others succeed and actualise.

Muna, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and‎ Leader.

Winston Bayley

A consummate career diplomat with indisputable competences in protocol and international relations and a former ‘record holder’ athlete, Winston commits himself to the Paralympic movement to transform and empower the disabled in enabling them to achieve and succeed.

Winston, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and‎ Leader


Carole Guntley

A well  recognised  tourism guru, a respected professional and a social ‎engineer, are but some of Carole’s many admirable epithets which precede her but which allow her to immerse herself in the Paralympic movement and bring to the table invaluable social capital and pragmatism.

Carole, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎


Ian McNaughten‎

A revered executive in capital and investment markets ‎and a very respected voice in commerce, business and sport, Ian, a former  noted footballer and currently a sport administrator, is the  very embodiment of sound financial advice and business integrity which create in the Paralympic movement invaluable capital.

Ian, an  inspired Paralympic Advocate and  Leader.

Wayne Kirkpatrick

An eclectic market specialist ‎and business executive and  a realist whose vision of life and living is enviably clear and wholesome, Wayne looks deep within the Paralympic movement and gives of enumerable  talents in service without counting.

Wayne, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎


Jesef Fortsmayr

An inspiring personality, a remarkable motivator driven by his love for volunteerism and  ‎social transformation, and a people person , Josef sits at the table of the Paralympic movement and contributes his immeasurable expertise and experience as a hotelier and businessman for the good of humankind.

Josef, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎


Edmund Jones

‎A forensic and methodical mind, practical thinking and a creative intellect do not often reside in one being but Edmund defies the odds and instills in the Paralympic movement admirable and refreshing attitudes which unearth  the best of human character and behaviour.

Edmund, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎


Carmen Patterson

An impressive instinct for creating brand value whether personal or corporate, a frankness that results from the honesty ‎of an extraordinary PR specialist as well as a humble social conscience, are but a few of the attributes which Carmen lends selflessly and generously to the Paralympic movement.

Carmen, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎

‎Courtney Lodge

A transformational leader, business consultant ‎and remarkable motivational speaker make Courtney an enduring asset to the Paralympic movement  which he infuses with energy that fuels ambitions and aspirations of stakeholders to be the best they can be.

Courtney, an inspired Paralympic Advocate and Leader.‎