2019 Lima Para Pan American Reports

A Glittering Para Pan Opening Ceremony.

The National Stadium of Lima, also known as José Díaz Estadio Nacional de Lima,was last nightablazewithcolour, music and fireworks as the region’s para-athletes paraded intheirnationalcolourstopackedstadium and an estimated viewing audience of over thirty million. The opening ceremony was creatively conceptualized by Hansel Cereza, the driving force behind the iconic opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and captured the rich and ancient history of Peru while conveying the admirable passion and emotion of Paralympism and the strength and conviction of mostly young men and women who dare to go beyond the incredible in athletic performances. Five hundred artistes and volunteers participated in the spectacle, fifty-five of whom have disabilities. Team Jamaica was resplendent in gold and black and was led by flag bearer and team captain, Chadwick Campbell, a sprinter who debuted in the semifinals in the T13 100m and 200m at the 2017 London World Para Athletics Championship and who is determined to do better. “Itissuchanhonour and privilege to be the flag bearer for my country and to captain my team. I accepted with pride and will never forget the opportunity given to me and will lead by example” said Campbell.

Today, Jamaica’sNavardo Griffith and Shane Hudson will bow into action in the Men’s F57 Shot Put and T45-47 400mrespectivelyandJPAbossChristopher Samuda, who is in Lima with the team, in commenting was cautiously optimistic “The gentlemen are focussed and have sized the competition and know what they have to do to be on the podium. Shane has been there as a silver medalist on two occasions in these gamesandheisdetermined this time to step on the highest of the three platforms. Navardo, this is his maiden voyage onto the regional and international stage, but he’ll weather any storm” The team in Lima has been going through some motivational exercises and devotions as aspiring athletes look with faith towards grasping and owning a piece of Para Pan-American history.

Campbell Earns Silver

Team Captain, Chadwick Campbell, got into the blocks at the starting line at approximately 3:43 pm for the final of the T 13 100m, a location with which he is familiar at international games having been there at the 2017 London World Para Athletics Championships. The line-up was not what he wanted as there was not a full field owing primarily to ineligibility arising from on-classificationofathletes. However, CampbellremainedfocussedinhisfirstParaPan-American experience and it proved inspirational as he crossed the finish line as the silver medalist in 11.66. The gold medal went to Brazilian Arnaldo DaSilva and the bronze to Honduran Elgin Castellanos.

In comments after the race, the team captain demonstrated leadership: “You win some and are humble in victory and you lose some but you are never defeated. You win a medal and celebrate and you come out without a medal but are still a winner. This is what the Paralympic spirit teaches you – humility and never say die. I am celebrating” The Fritz Coleman protégé goes back into the athletic studio where he hopes to record a “blockbuster” for the Dubai World Para Athletics Championships later this year in November. JPA President, Christopher Samuda, continues to be impressed with Campbell’s attitude and approach: “Rarely do you find an athlete so composed and very grounded in handling success as part of life’sexperiencesand in building character. Chad has it down pat”

Samuda Lauds Para Medalists

The President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association, Christopher Samuda, has lauded the medalists at the recently concluded Para Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. The JPA boss commented: “I am proud of our para-athletes who demonstrated heart and mettle in earning their medals and, for some, history was notonlymade butwrittenas a testimony to the attributes that make a champion and standard-bearer” Theodor Subba, who only took up the sport of judo nine months ago, mined a bronze medal in the over 100kg class and was an admirable example of courage and determination. Chadwick Campbell, earned the silver medal in the men T13 100m and underscored his credentials on the regional stage. Santana Campbell, in securing the silver medal in the Women’s F56 Javelin, became the regional record holder in her class and in taekwondo Shauna-Kay Hines fought valiantly to achieve the bronze medal in the ​K 44 – under 58kg class. Samudafurtherstatedthat”our earning medals in sports other than track and field is a clear indication thatparasportsinJamaica are growing and I look forward to the adventofparavolleyball, badminton, table tennis and rowing, which are now being pursued, ontheregionaland world stages. Our athletes are Jamaica’sbeatand we will be, in the near future, the world’s rhythm.” The Jamaica Paralympic Association is the governing bodyforparasportin Jamaica and is a member of the regional umbrella body, the Americas Paralympic Committee (APC) as well as the world governing body, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

PB for Para AthleteNavardo Griffiths

Para-athlete, NavardoGriffiths, has every reason to be proud and pleased with his performance in the F55 Shot Putt at the 2019 Lima Para Pan-American Games now underway in Peru He went into the circle for the first time at a regional games and demonstrated experience beyond his just over a year history in the sport by placing sixth while doing his personal best of 9.52m “it’s a great feeling to be there, out there, competing for Jamaica and knowing that the sky’s the limit if only you dedicate yourself which I have” Griffiths said in his customary quiet style. Sport Manager, Neville Sinclair, was very encouraging of Griffiths at the start and remains committed to him: “Navarda never gives in. He is a coach’s dream and deserves to succeed. We go back to the drawing board with the confidence that the future will be bright”

Para Delegation Worships in Lima

Jamaica’s delegation of game officials, athletes Directors of the Paralympic Association and local volunteers assembled on Sunday for a morning of praise and thanksgiving in Chef deMissionLeoniePhinn’sofficeinthe Athletes’Village. It was a moment of acknowledgement of God-given talents and gifts and the responsibility of being good stewards of Grace and Samaritans of humanity. Team Doctor, Leroy Harrison, led the devotion as members of the delegation prayed and gave testimonies in evident recognition of their sacred obligation to do good and to do well. It was a moment of reflection and introspection as the Parafamily was united in faith and demonstrated conviction in their individual and collective will to achieve.
“Strong in the Word, strong in faith and strong in hope, onwards and upwards we go” JPA President, Christopher Samuda, in reflecting on a morning of worship.

Hines Takes The Bronze in Para-Taekwondo

Shauna-Kay Hines is now a household name in the sport of para taekwondo and this achievement is very remarkable as she only started the sport some fifteen months ago and is fighting successfully athletes who have been on the mat for over five years. She copped the bronze medal,alongwithColumbian, Verly Martinez, in Class K 44 – under 58kg at the Para Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, having narrowly missed out on a berth in the finals in her semi-final encounter with Brazilian, Cristiane Neves, who benefitted from two penalties against Hines which resulted in a one-point victory for the Brazilian. Hines achieved the bronze nursing an injury to her right ankle.”I had to fight, despite the injury, for my country and the Paralympic Association. This is about country first and then me” Hines said. Coach Kenroy Clarke, who is Vice President of the Jamaica Taekwondo Federation, was pleased with the result and commented that the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games is on “the watch list” The Jamaica Paralympic Association has been pushing the development of so called “minor” parasports. JPA President, Christopher Samuda, commended Hines and reinforced the Association’s vision: ” An inspiring performance from a committed and motivated athlete whose performance demonstrates that thesuccessofparasportshasgonebeyond track and field as we are now successfully in judo, taekwondo, badminton and more will come”.Hinesnow returns to competition on the circuit as she continues preparation for a coveted place in the history of the Paralympic Games next year in Tokyo.

Para Sprinters Fail to Final

TevaughnThomasandShaneHudson lined up for the Men’sT45 – 47 100m in heat two in lanes seven and nine respectively on Wednesday at the 2019 Para Pa-American Games now underway in Lima, the metropolitan and business capital of Peru. They knew that the battle had to be fought well for them to transition to the finals before they could contemplate a medal. So with that in mind, theywenttobusinessincoldweatherbuttheoddswere against them and they fell short and well below their personal bests. Thomas, the 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist, came home fifth in 11.82 and Hudson, more known for his 400m international, successes, clocked 11.99 for the sixth position. Thomas said “We gave it our best tryintheseconditionsbutwe’vegotto get readyandbefiringfortheWorld Championships in November” Their teammate, Jason Brown, reported to the starting line in the Men’sT12 100m the same evening and recorded at the finish line 11.82 well below his personal best and failed to make it to the final. It was a tough evening for the Jamaican sprinters and disappointing for the athletes who were not able to repeat their best times.

Shane is Sixth

PaympianShaneHudsonwasastudyinconcentrationanddeterminationintheMen’sT45 – 47 400m yesterday at the National Stadium ofLima, the venue for track and field at the
2019 Para Pan-American Games in Peru. A seasoned campaigner on the international stage with an array of medals from these regional games and the Para World Athletics Championships, Hudson in the preliminary heats posted 51.01 after a slow start for third and had the punters’ predictions for the final in a spin.Thefinal came in the evening and he was not able to come into the medal frame where he is accustomed to being as he placed sixth in 51.17. He now turns his attention to IPC’s World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai in November where he is a two-time silver medalist in the event.

Strong Subba Mines Jamaica’s First Medal

Theodor Subba only started para judo just a year ago and in the process, he has made history by becoming the first Jamaican para-athlete to make it to the regional and international stage. He has done so in Judo in the over 100 kg class at the 2019 Lima Para Pan-American Games and insodoing hehasannounced his arrival with panache.nInhisquarter-final match he dominated American judo athlete, Robert Anderson, with a spirited and strong performance and left his competitor breathless and defeated after one minute much to the cheers of the Jamaican contingent which turned out to support this history maker.

Subba then went into the semi-final where he again faced an American, Benjamin Goodrich. It was a tough encounter which he lost to the experienced American who has been in the business for years. In the bronze-medalmatch-upwithVenezuelan Montero, hedemonstratedstrengthofbody and character and good technique to prevail over a stubborn competitorwhowiltedin the end. Subba thenearned Jamaica’s first medal at these games. Subba was pleased with this his first campaign on the regional stage: “Look for me with open eyes in the months and years to come. I love the sport and am committed to excelling and making my country proud.” Commendation to the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) the Jamaica Judo Federation (JJF) and the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), which has given this young athlete the opportunity to excel which he has grasped with both hands.

JPA and JOA boss, Christopher Samuda, was elated” Subba’s performances is an admirable lesson toallableandpara-athletes on how to love your sport genuinely, how to represent your country with integrity, pride and distinction,the will to win that you musthaveandtherespect you must show when on and off the field of play. A champion’s, a general’s performance in every respect” JOA Secretary-General and CEO, Ryan Foster, who is following Subba’s progress with keen eyes, said by telephone: “Subba is the man for the future in para judo. The JOA has no regrets in supporting him. He has delivered and delivered in fine style”

Santana Strikes Silver

The regional record holder in the Women’s F 56 Javelin, Jamaica’s Santana Campbell, was in a no nonsense mood when she entered the circle for the event at the Para Pan-American Games which are now winding down in Lima, Peru. For Campbell, it was an opportunity to assert her authority in announcing her candidacy for a medal in the Dubai World Para Athletics which will take place in November and she seized it. She sailed the javelin to a Pan-American record in her class F 55 the distance being 18.00m and in so doing secured the silver medal. “Thanks to the JPA Team and coach Sinclair for the support and belief in me. Some things I will need to improve upon for November’s  World Championship and next year’sParalympicGamesbut for the moment I am pleased” a reserved Campbell said. The path of Campbell has been somewhat remarkable as she only started the sport some two years ago. JPA President, Christopher Samuda, praised Campbell: “By no means an assertive personality and perhaps that is one of her strengths as this allows her to focus sharply, remain humble and to say to herself I am always striving for gold”


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